Attention Parents:

As some of you all may already know, our school family suffered a significant loss of our Rock Building Math Teacher, Mrs. Weatherton, late Tuesday evening.  Our school counselors were on school grounds all day Wednesday to assure our students were able to cope and grieve at their own pace.  There were many students who requested to speak with the school counselors to assist them during this trying time.  Moffett Public School would like to inform those who are not aware that we have two embedded school counselors on campus two days a week (Tuesday and Friday).  If you feel that your child would benefit from counseling services, please feel free to complete the counseling referral form and return to the office at any time.  These services are offered to all students at no cost and services can be completed during school hours.  Parents are also welcome to join in on sessions and will be contacted to set up an appointment to complete their child's paperwork once the referral is received.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lindsie Dyer @ 479-431-7551.
Thank you

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